We Know Coffee Makes a Great Body Scrub—But What Else Can It Do?



The benefits of coffee are much debated. One corner of the scientific realm boldly claims coffee can help you live longer, while the other is certain that our drip-feed approach is messing with our sleep. The only thing we're certain of is that it makes a bloody good (albeit slightly messy) body scrub, as proven by brands such as Frank Body.

But now there's a new caffeine-fuelled beauty brand in town that aims to prove coffee has so much more to offer us than simply thoroughly exfoliated limbs. Enter: Hello Jo. The brainchild of the teams behind Feel Unique, this UK-born, Korean-inspired skincare brand is utilising coffee in novel ways—an exfoliating lip mask, an under-eye bag–deflating eye mask and a hair mask (coffee is great at stimulating hair growth).

And it isn't the only one. Delve a little deeper and you'll soon discover a handful of brands that have clocked on to the beauty benefits of coffee, funneling it into some of the most hardworking skincare formulas on shelves right now. So yes, your flat white might help you through a long morning, but when it comes to beauty, coffee can do so much more. In fact, it can…