We Asked Our Facebook Group Members for the Beauty Advice Their Mothers Imparted


Glow Repose/Unsplash

Mothers and grandmothers seem to have the gift of being the gatekeepers to endless pearls of wisdom. One of our favourite ways to tap into their knowledgable resources is with their beauty advice. For many of us, these were the women who we watched applying their makeup and skincare and introduced us to the world of beauty. A lot of this advice and product recommendations have stuck with us, as they're just so good. We decided to enlist the help of our Facebook group, The British Beauty Line, asking members to share the products their mothers and grandmothers passed on to them. Trust us: You'll want to add these products to your shopping basket immediately.

"My first moisturiser was one from Olay that my mum used," said member Becky Symes. "Growing up, I'd always snuck it from her dresser, and she has stayed loyal to it for as long as I can remember. A product recommendation inherited from my grandmother, as it was her secret to smooth and youthful skin. She even packed it after the war when she fled to Germany to be with my grandad." Absolute dedication, and with the new formulations that brighten, tone and offer UVA and UVB protection, you can't go wrong.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with beauty choices, give one of these products a try. There's a reason they've been passed down through the generations.