This Colour-Correcting Wand Finally Disguised My Dark Circles



There are many beauty products on the market that can help you look less tired but we know one thing for certain—sometimes there is no disguising the dark circles under you eyes. While your skin might look dewy (hello, BB creams), and your complexion bronzed, the under eye situation can be a problem. I've often suffered from this. Whether that's because I've had a particularly busy week at work or I've just been out a lot in the evenings and have, ahem, got a bit tipsy, there is little I've been able to do to get rid. Not even industrial-grade concealer could hide the fact that my nights have consisted of fewer than six hours of sleep.

However, when a product recently landed in the Byrdie post that promised to alter the look of my circles, I was intrigued. And even more so because it was from a very affordable brand that I know often turns out total gems, so I was more than a little excited to try it. After using it for a solid two months I can now confess I've become a total convert and happy to say that even with a lack of sleep, I'm still fresh faced. Want to find out what it is? Keep scrolling for my favourite under eye dark-circle hiding product.