The Pop Artist Behind Juicy Couture’s Latest Beauty Collab

A quick perusal of artist Baron von Fancy’s work, and you’ll feel like you’re reading a stream of your most wicked, defiant thoughts—think Regina George with an IDGAF attitude. With phrases like “Forgetting is the Best Revenge” and “Mercury is in Fucking Retrograde” scrawled in his signature bubble-graffiti hand, von Fancy has made a name for himself both in the social media world (he currently boasts over 45K Instagram followers) and real world for his sassy, irreverent pop art. When we heard he was collaborating on limited-edition fragrance sets with Juicy Couture, we jumped at the chance to pick the brain of the man who utters our naughtiest thoughts. Keep reading for our Q&A!

Tell us a little bit about your background. What inspired you to become an artist?

Von Fancy: At some level, I have always been an artist, but it was in high school that I was encouraged to develop and explore my creative abilities. I was very fortunate that at that point in my life I could learn from an art teacher who pushed me and showed me there should be no limits to how I could apply my creativity.

Your cheeky phrases are shocking sometimes, but always relatable. How do you come up with them?

Von Fancy: I was born and raised in New York City and will never leave, so the city is a major inspiration for me. Many of the phrases I use are inspired by conversations I overhear, song lyrics I admire, and things I read. I also love cartoon visuals and that is a huge influence on my work. When I work with phrases, I want the phrases to relate to the object, or to play on the object in a way that will be fun and memorable.

What was the inspiration behind your holiday gift set designs for Juicy Couture fragrances?

Von Fancy: Juicy Couture has all these bold colours, and an edgy playfulness that makes it a brand I love to work with. I always want the phrases I choose to paint to play off of the object I am designing. In this case, “Smell Me” and “Wear Me” were naturally just the perfect fit for Juicy Couture’s distinctive fragrances.

What was the first scent you ever owned?

Von Fancy: I don’t often wear fragrance myself, but I love when a woman has a scent she loves and always wears. Whenever I smell the scent, I will somehow think of her—no matter when and where.

Juicy Couture’s sassy fragrance sets with Baron von Fancy are $52 to $96 and available at Macy’s and

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