The One Tinted Moisturiser We're Absolutely Obsessed With

Tinted moisturisers and I never used to get on. I've given them a wide berth, as I would rather have a much thicker coverage. To me, foundations are a surefire way to get flawless skin and cover up blemishes—I mean, why would you put anything else on your face? But last year cult beauty brand BareMinerals launched its Complexion Rescue, and I've never looked back. While tinted moisturisers and foundations tend to fall into two categories—the former offering sheer coverage but no blemish erasing, and the latter offering thick coverage that can leave your face feeling cakey—the BareMinerals one does neither. Keep scrolling to read our review of this product and find out when you can get the new colours.

I'm always sceptical when trialling new products. And when a new piece of makeup is hyped up to the max, I'm even more critical, which is why I definitely doubted the much-lauded BareMinerals Complexion Rescue would live up to its acclaim. Oh, how wrong I was. Immediately after using the product, my skin looked better. It was moisturised, it glowed and it gave my skin proper coverage. It was me, but on a really good day.

After my moisturiser had sunk in, I squeezed a 20p-size amount onto the back of my hand and applied it all over my face with my fingertips. It comes out sheer and feels very much like a moisturiser rather than a foundation, but once I'd applied it, it gave my skin a flawless finish. Thanks to its marine botanicals, it gives drier skin a plumper feel. Even better, there's added SPF, which means it's doing hard work underneath all that coverage too. 

Die-hard foundation lovers, I dare you to try it. Seeing as Kim Kardashian West is giving up contouring for a more natural look, perhaps it's time to ditch the thicker coverage and come over to the light side? 

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Opening Image: Imaxtree