9 Products to Help You Go Tights-Free This Spring

Women can be divided into two distinct camps, those who count down the days until they can snuggle into a pair of 100 denier opaques (usually sometime around the August Bank Holiday weekend) and then there are those who cling to summer by avoiding the suffocation of hosiery for as long as possible. In fact, a PR I know managed to go tights-free until the first week of December, while a journalist friend managed to survive the whole winter without that extra layer. Impressive. I’m somewhere in-between, sure I like the free feeling of a bare leg as much as the next person, but I also hate the cold (I’m still really attached to my onesie and it’s almost April).


But the time has come to officially hang up our tights for another season—a recent study of over 1000 women by Censuswide found that a third of us will ditch our tights tomorrow, April 1. If you want to get incredibly regional about it, women in Southampton are most likely to go bare-legged, followed by Leeds then London. At the other end of the spectrum, women in Wales are least likely go naked from the knees down.

The thing is most of us are nowhere near ready to bare all, especially since most of our legs haven’t seen the light of day since mid-2015. And then there’s the small issue of hair removal. The same study found that, on average, two months and six days is the longest period women have gone without tackling the stubble (or should that be luscious, billowing hair?). If you’ve avoided a razor or a slick of tan for months keep scrolling for our edit of the best depilation and bronzing products, so you can confidently reveal your legs this weekend.