Why This Is STILL the #1 Hair Colour Everyone Asks For

The balayage hashtag has 11 million posts on Instagram—11 million. Compared with #platinumblonde (590,000) and #bronde (532,000), it's probably safe to say that this is one of Instagram's most popular hair hashtags. In real life, it's easily one of the most asked-for hair colours from the past couple of years.

I interviewed some of the leading hair colourists from the biggest salons in London about the new hair colour ideas for the coming new season. While I got plenty telling me about pink and blorange and even brassy blondes, there was no escaping the fact that balayage is consistently the most popular hair colour of all.

Jenna Norman, colourist for Hershesons, said that so many clients were asking for balayage. "The hand-painted way of colouring was still really in because the technique is only getting better and better," she adds. Sibi Bolan, creative colour and balayage consultant at Josh Wood Atelier, agrees: "Right now, everyone is asking for a hippie-chic type of balayage hair; it's almost like everyone is embracing the sunshine." Or the lack thereof.