This Product Is Sold Every Second in France—So Obviously We Want It

If there's one beauty thing we know about the French it's that they love their products. They are utterly spoiled (read: we're jealous) with product-laden shelves in the standard French pharmacies that hold every type of incredible brand and product that make your skin look clear, glowing and well, French. And there's a reason why the French skincare business is booming: demand. French women spend £1.9 billion on anti-ageing products every year, which is twice as much as British women. Not only that, but our neighbours over the channel start their anti-ageing regimen earlier than we do.

All of this makes us think that a) it's unfair we weren't born French, and b) anything the French use, we needed in our bathroom cabinets yesterday. Which leads us nicely onto one major product is crazy-popular in France. In fact, it's such a big seller that three are sold every second. That's right three. Every second. As a lover of this product already, I was pleased, but I know it's overlooked by many a Brit. And it helps out with a bevvy of skin problems. Ready to discover what it is? Keep scrolling to find out about this popular French beauty product and why it's so amazing.