You'll Never Guess Where People Are Dry Brushing Now

You've heard of dry brushing, right? Maybe you even do it at home already, always in long strokes towards your heart (this boosts circulation), in a bit to rid your body of dead cells, aid lymphatic drainage, and reduce the look of cellulite. Well, if you're a fan of this method already, you'll be pleased to know that dry brushing for your face is now a thing.

While dry brushing your body requires quite a rough approach, the facial version is much softer (you'll be pleased to know) and it can yield incredible results. Created by Aveda as part of their new Tulasara range, that also includes an incredible smelling oil, facial dry brushing is set to change the way you see your skin and how you can restore balance to your complexion. Keep scrolling to find out about how it works and where you can shop it now.