Wave Goodbye to Summer With These 9 Nail Colour Trends for Autumn 2018

Summer certainly has its highlights when it comes to beauty (think dewy post-holiday skin and cold face mists). But as we head into September, we can't stop thinking about the wealth of autumn/winter treats that await us.

The months that bring us ankle boots, cosy knits and one too many seasonal lattes also have some stellar nail looks. Plus, all those wintery nights in allow for plenty of time for at-home manicures.

So what's on the nail agenda for the upcoming season? "Nail art is back, and it's shed its gaudy, flashy image," says Juanita Huber-Millet, founder of London nail studio Townhouse. "Instead, it's all about elegant, playful accents that add a chic but subtle edge to your look."

When it comes to colour, Huber-Millet's got a top pick for the shade of the season. "It's going to be all about white," she says. "White nails are fresh and striking, but are also easy to wear, as they work with almost any outfit. With Blake Lively and Kylie Jenner already showing them off at the VMAs, white nails are going to be the hottest look all the way through Christmas."

Ready to get painting? We've picked out nine of the biggest nail colour trends for autumn/winter 2018 and what you need to get the look.