We're Pretty Sure Fashion Week Beauty Trends Have Never Been This Dreamy

I know—we can't believe it either—but fashion month is in full swing once more, and this week it was London's turn to show us its vision for the coming autumn 2018 season. Yes, there were clothes (and some pretty nice ones at that), but naturally, it was the beauty looks that have us peering like a meerkat at the models sauntering down the runway.

I know we haven't even had a chance to fully throw ourselves into the joy that is spring beauty (sun, where are you?), but who's to say that you can't adopt these autumn 2018 beauty trends right now?

From the glitter-flecked foreheads to the eyeliner look that might just have you setting your black pencil aside—we've filtered down the bevy of winter beauty trends into an easy cheat sheet. Take a look at the NY and London looks you'll be sporting in just a few months, but keep checking back, as we'll be adding inspiration from Milan and Paris too in the coming weeks.

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