Team Byrdie Shares the Autumn Skincare Products We Can't Live Without

No matter how much we long for the weather to be on our side, it's quite unpredictable, to say the least. When the seasons change, well, so do we. And it's no secret that Autumn is officially here. Whilst this is the ideal time to overhaul our wardrobes, it's also the perfect time to revamp our skincare routines to work with the new weather conditions. Humidity takes a back seat, and cooler weather comes through. This means it's time to make way for rich creams, balms and hardworking formulas that will keep your skin nourished and flourishing all season long. 

No matter your skin type, hydration reigns supreme. Boosting moisture in your routine is so important, and that doesn't mean you have to go heavier. Just think smart when applying your products, and prioritise the ones full of hydrating ingredients. It may be sweater weather, which we're excited about, but your skin can also maintain a healthy glow in the midst of it all.

Byrdie editors with varying skin types share exactly how we switch up our routines when fall arrives and the products that carry us into this new season.