Why We're All Heading Down Under for Our Latest Beauty Fix



Whether you're in Korea or France, stopping by a local beauty store when travelling is a must—we just can't get enough of global beauty buys. K-beauty has held our attention for a while, but we're making our way down to Australia for our latest beauty inspo. It was inevitable, really—if you take a scroll down your feed, you'll probably be greeted by your followers either living their best lives on an Australian beach or covering their faces in a pink clay mask. Combine that with the laid-back lifestyle, seemingly endless summers and Aussies' clean, simple approach and you'll see why we're obsessed. It's not all aesthetics though, as Australia boasts some impressive and effective ingredients that can be traced right back to their botanical sources. We've picked out some of the Australian beauty brands that have made their way to the UK for you to get familiar with.