A Brit Abroad: How Moving to Sydney Changed My Beauty Routine


Courtesy of Emma Hoareau

When Emma Hoareau, photographer and beauty influencer, stepped off the plane in Australia to set up a new life in Sydney for a couple of years, she imagined “laid-back beach girls with salt in their hair and no makeup” and a healthy obsession with sunscreen. Interestingly, her preconceived ideas couldn’t be further from the truth.At first, those were the girls I saw. Then bit by bit, I realised that a lot of the girls in Sydney were the total opposite—very made up and a lot more self-conscious than I would have imagined.”

Hoareau moved to Bondi, a beach suburb outside the city, and instantly felt the pressure to “fit in.” “There’s such a pressure to work out and eat healthy and look great on the beach—it’s a very beauty-conscious suburb, whether it likes to admit it or not. I think part of ‘beauty’ there certainly means body a lot more too, as it’s so much more on show than it would be back in London.”