Let This New Zealand Model Take You on the Best Trip Around Auckland

Welcome to our new series for May, Drop a Pin. In keeping with this month's theme, Byrd's Eye View, we'll be taking a tour of the year's top travel destinations—those places everyone on your Instagram feed seems to be visiting right now—and asking beauty-obsessed locals for their expert recommendations. From the best place to shop indie beauty brands, to the studios to sweat your way through the latest workout crazes via the brunch spots to be seen in, consider your holiday itinerary sorted.

Following Bianca Bartolo's roundup of the best places to go in Berlin, we spoke to Monica Cronin, a New Zealand–born model who spends her life travelling around the world but can't help but enjoy coming back to her hometown of Auckland. Below, she shares with us the best nail bar the city has to offer, as well as the fitness craze New Zealanders are all over right now.