In the Detail: "ASOS Lesley" Puts ASOS Makeup to the Test

Welcome to our series In the Detailwhere we take a magnifying glass to the hottest new beauty trends and zero in on what makes them great. This is the ultimate guide to zeitgeist beauty and how to wear it your way.



Miles Drury

We heard rumours months back that ASOS was launching makeup, and finally, after all the wondering and the murmurings, the products are here. Aimed at 20-somethings, the makeup range is seriously affordable (the most expensive product is the Chubby Highlighter Stick, £9), and the packaging is Millennial Pink, because of course it is. But while the aesthetic and target audience may be young, the quality of the product belies the affordable price tag and will ensure these products find homes in makeup bags of women and men of varying ages across the country.

The colour payoff in these highly pigmented products is ridiculously good, and the blue liquid eyeliner that Lesley wore on the shoot couldn't be beaten by Bioderma's excellent makeup removing capabilities. All in all, the team behind the scenes on this shoot, from the makeup artist through to Lesley herself, were bowled over by the makeup offering. For those who don't know, Lesley Buckle is founder of website Fresh Lengths, as well as ASOS's beauty insider. You can follow her over on Instagram @asos_lesley.

Keep scrolling to see, in detail, the ASOS makeup as Lesley road tests it with three autumn makeup trends.

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