ASOS Has Launched New Glossy Makeup, and It's Going to Save Us This Winter

If ASOS is backing gloss for autumn/winter 2018, we know it's going to be big. Using makeup to create a dewy complexion on your face, eyes and lips is a good way to make you look healthy and hydrated during the depths of winter. After all, we know that the cold temperatures parch the skin (no matter how much moisture you throw its way).

Here at Byrdie UK, we're a big fan of mussed-up, sheeny eyes with a dewy complexion and lacquered lips. But does the new range from ASOS Design mean we can actually rock the glossy look IRL? We all know that it isn't exactly the most reliable in terms of lasting. Glossy eyes can mingle with mascara and cause it to run, whilst a lacquered lipstick is often a smudgy mess waiting to happen.

So Team Byrdie put our investigative journalism skills to good use (well, good beauty use) and created a look each with the products. Keep scrolling to hear our thoughts on the products and see three ways to wear them.

Not convinced by glossy eyes? Let Katie Jane Hughes persuade you it's a good idea.