5 Eye Makeup Tricks Every Asian Girl Should Know

If you’ve ever tried to follow an eye makeup tutorial only to get to the part where it says “Blend into your crease” and stared at your crease-less eye in the mirror confusedly, we feel you. When it comes to applying makeup for Asian eyes, all traditional makeup rules fly out the window—and with it, our interest in attempting anything beyond a simple swipe of black liner (if that). But before you throw down your eye shadow palettes at the injustice of it all, know this—there is a way.

We asked celebrity makeup artist, Kira Nasrat (she works with everyone from Jamie Chung to Freida Pinto, and is currently Violet Grey’s VIP makeup artist), to school those of us who only ever have to deal with creases in our clothes on proper eye makeup technique. In fact, she proceeded to give us a smouldering, perfectly-blended smoky eye as she shared her tips, so we can soundly attest to her expertise. Keep scrolling for her game-changing tricks!