The New Way to Apply Foundation for an Airbrushed Finish

When it comes to foundation, getting a flawless-looking finish is all in the application. I have always been a fan of using my fingers; I’ve dabbled with various brushes over the years, but I always revert back to using my digits. But the Artis Oval 6 Brush has changed all that. Don’t believe me? Over 333k followers on Instagram can’t be wrong. Keep scrolling to find out how it works and why I’m hooked…




First off, the brush is seriously versatile, it’s large enough to cover the whole face with ease but small enough to work into the contours of your face (the inner corners and around the nose). It’s animal-friendly (made with CosmeFibre) and can be used to apply foundation, as well as contour and blush. Oh, and it doesn’t matter whether your preferred formula is liquid or powder, hight street or luxe, its works a charm with any product. To apply, I use a light brushing motion to blend my liquid foundation into my skin, then, using a little more product, I adopt a tapping technique to conceal blemishes and redness. I look airbrushed but IRL, no filter required.

Artis Oval 6 Brush (£44)

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