You're Going to Love Ariana Grande's Perfume, and Not Just Because of Its Scent

The moment a new celebrity perfume hits the market, we get excited. Perhaps it's because we know it'll come in a fun package or have a sweet smell, or maybe it's because it'll be the closest we get to knowing what that celebrity smells like. While we know that sounds a little odd, hear us out. When an A-lister puts their name on a scent, that means they've pretty much guaranteed they'll be wearing the fragrance too. Hey, it's just one step closer to being like our favourite celebs, right?

This is exactly how we feel about Ariana Grande's new perfume. Following her debut fragrance, Ari, Grande is launching another scent, and we're already obsessed with it—but not because of how it smells. Sweet Like Candy is a sugary fragrance with notes of blackberry, marshmallow and vanilla. And although it's an obviously sweet smell (the clue's in the name), there's another reason why we're loving this fragrance. 

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