Ariana Grande Just Debuted Icy Blue Hair, and We're Obsessed

Last year, we served up makeup inspiration aplenty with some of Ariana Grande's major must-see (and must-copy!) makeup looks. It's only natural, then, that we follow that up by featuring a few of her most showstopping hairstyles. Well, 17 hairstyles, to be exact.

These days, we typically associate Ariana Grande's hair with tonnes of curl, volume, and, yes, ponytails (of both the traditional and half-up varieties), but as it turns out, she's actually debuted quite the résumé of hairstyles over the years. From spiralled ringlets to pint-size crimps, we think she should get more credit for the variety of styles she's sported in the past. Especially now that last week she revealed her newest look: a full mane of silvery-blue hair. Keep scrolling through the singers best looks below, and at the end you'll see the new look for yourself. Spoiler alert: It's gorgeous.