Ready for Radiant Skin? This "Hair" Oil Is a Secret Glow-Booster

You’ll find a bottle of argan oil lined up on the designated hair shelf in my bathroom cabinet right between the hair masks and shampoo. Until recently, it’s taken pride of place there for years as my go-to for frizz-taming and hydration. Then one night I ran out of my usual face oil and found myself reaching for a bottle of argan oil instead. I wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise, my skin drank it up quicker than a post-spinning smoothie, leaving it plumped and glowing.

We’ve been so focused on argan oil’s ability to transform dull hair that we’ve forgotten how beneficial it is for our skin as well. May Hamid, founder of Argan Liquid Oil reminds us that, “the oil’s original purpose was for the skin, as it was primarily used to protect against the strong Saharan sun and for its healing properties. Historically, Berber tribes have been using it on a daily basis as a basic treatment for their skin.”

It all makes sense, as the oil, which is extracted from the nut of the argan trees in Southwestern Morocco, is full of enriching fatty acids, antioxidants, linoleic acids and vitamin A and E. Making it the ideal oil to add into your skincare routine. Still not convinced? Let these benefits of argan oil for the face prove you wrong.