This New Beauty Line Is Customised to Your Personality

There’s a new fragrance line on the scene, and it promises to express exactly who you are or strive to be. Um, a fragrance can do that? Wouldn’t that just be the ultimate betterment shortcut? Enter Archetypes, a website selling personality-based scents and pheromones and promising just that. Scepticism in check (momentarily), let’s examine some basic information.

First off, what exactly is an archetype? According to the Oxford dictionary and Jungian psychology, it's “a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious.” It (kind of) makes sense that scent plays into the unconscious, and it certainly has a role in memory, but how can a perfume brand be so personalised?

According to Archetype (the brand), scents are assigned to individuals through a personality test—we do love a quiz. Based on these results, you are prompted to choose a fragrance that will help you harness one of your specific archetypes and use that energy to “reach your ideal self.” Founder Cristina Carlino explained, “By understanding Archetypes, you become a ‘coder’—someone with a secret shorthand to the energies of the universe.”

We have to admit our heads are spinning a little from that New Age–y explanation, but we are into maximizing the good vibes we put out into the world. And if it’s as simple as spritzing a pleasant-smelling fragrance, then who’s to say no?

Archetypes Eau de Parfum ($64) is available in 12 fragrances, or you can try one of the site’s six Topical Pheromones ($50). (You can also read about our editor’s adventures in pheromones.)

What do you think—will you give Archetype a try? Can a scent help with self-betterment? Sound off below!