How Real 20-Somethings Actually Feel About Ageing



As I travel through my 20s and try to navigate the strange way age plays a role in my life, I can't help but look at all of it through a beauty lens. I write about anti-ageing constantly—excitedly trying and reviewing the newest and most innovative products on the market. But at the tender age of 27, I only now feel like I've begun to feel the effects of my age. Fine lines have crept in where smooth, taught skin used to lay, and you can see how late I stayed out splayed prominently across my face the next morning. But what does all of this even mean? Does it truly affect my life if my face looks different from when I entered this decade? I feel different: more settled in my career, more perceptive and thoughtful in my relationships, and kinder to my body and myself. So why shouldn't that wisdom show on my face? And yet, it's so easy to forget that with every blemish, fine line, or imperfection. 

I wondered if other 20-somethings were feeling the same struggle. This is the time when you go from profoundly young to rooted in such a short amount of time. As Bowie would say, we're going through changes. Or Britney Spears hit the nail on the head with the whole, "not a girl, not yet a woman" thing. It's interesting because turning 30 doesn't hold the same weight it used to—everything was meant to be figured out‚ done, and set for life. So I wondered what that defining moment in our lives is now as modern, empowered, and often-single 20-somethings.

I talked to women about their thoughts on vanity, anti-ageing routines, body image, and just generally how they feel about themselves as they grow older each year. What I found was a refreshing insight into not really giving a damn. It's a small sample, but one that was robust with ideas on ageing gracefully and worrying about health and happiness above all. Of course, we care about the way we look—but isn't it wonderful to think it doesn't have to be the only thing on our minds? Ageing is a mixed bag of emotion, anxieties, and, hopefully, a better sense of self. And if I can impart some wisdom and a few stand-out products along the way, that rules.

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