6 Reasons You Should Add Antipollution Skincare to Your Routine

Welcome to Byrdie UK's Wellness Week. Over the next seven days, you'll get to read about how to make your body, mind and, well, your life more balanced. We know it's not January, but wellness has become an all-year-round focus for many, and with autumn on the way (read: cold and flu season), now seems like a good time to talk about not just keeping well but boosting our wellness from all angles. From the best tech to improve your health to the small tweaks anyone can do to bring you more happiness, we've thought about everything you might want to factor a little more wellness into your life with ease. Here, we talk about the pollution crisis in 2017, how it's affecting your skin and how to treat it.

A lot of us are cure-over-cause thinkers, aren't we? I know I am. If I've got a spot, I care less about what put it there and more about getting rid of it—fast. The thing is, when it comes to skin, addressing the cause can save a lot of long-term bother. Which brings me to one major silent skin assassin: pollutant particles.

You can't see it and you can't feel it, so it's easy to forget that pollution is there. But your skin is bathing in the grimy stuff every day, and you better believe it's wreaking havoc. For London dwellers, the fact that our pollution levels have surpassed Beijing in 2017, should be food for thought. Thankfully while our biggest complexion woes, from acne breakouts to accelerated ageing, may be worsened by the dirty air, brands are finally seeking to stop it wreaking havoc.

Antipollution skincare is one of the biggest beauty buzz trends in the last year, and it’s hardly a wonder as recent studies highlight that its daily attacks on your face are getting worse. According to the World Health Organisation, dozens of UK cities—London, Liverpool and Glasgow included—are breaching the EU limits on pollution, with Oxford Street being the most polluted street in the world.

Why should anyone care, you ask? Here are six reasons you need to start fighting back against fumes. Keep scrolling to see pollution's biggest skin offences and how to soothe them.

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