An Expert Facialist Over 40 Shares the Skincare Tips She Actually Follows

Joanna Vargas has the magic touch—she's responsible for the red carpet glows of everyone from Debra Messing to Mindy Kaling to Jenna Dewan, using brilliant signature services like her Triple Crown Facial, a microcurrent tightening and lifting treatment that's deserving of a blue ribbon. And unsurprisingly, Vargas, a woman in her 40s, has the type of skin even 20-year-olds would kill for. 

We know that as we get older, our skin composition changes (read: less collagen, thinner skin, the development of fine lines and wrinkles), but it seems that Vargas has beat these odds and found the key to the fountain of youth. As such, we thought we'd tap her for the skincare practices she personally swears by, particularly for ageing skin. Below, she shares her best secrets.