9 Beauty Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

There comes a time when every woman wants to look a little younger. Even when you’re still young, a late night or a nausea-inducing, head-banging hangover can be ageing—your skin can appear grey and sallow, while fine lines can look more pronounced. Essentially, the goal here is to continue being asked for ID in shops and at bars for as long as possible (can I get a high five?).

So what’s the answer, besides living life like a hermit or scheduling regular dates with a dermatologist wielding a needle? Well, you can turn back time with clever makeup trickery and we’ll bet you have most of these products in your makeup bag already, the key is using them to their youth-boosting best. That’s why we’ve called on five makeup artists to share their anti-ageing makeup tricks, keep scrolling for the makeup mistakes that are ageing you and how to fix them