Calling It: This Cool-Girl Fragrance Is the Next Le Labo


Victoria Hoff

In a highly oversaturated fragrance market, it might be difficult for some brands to drum up excitement for a new launch. But Anine Bing already had the edge: The designer's namesake clothing line is beloved for its Scandi-meets-L.A. cool ethos, and naturally, the label's inaugural scent, Savage Rose, would be no exception.

This ready-made hype was palpable at an intimate dinner Bing hosted last month, where a few dozen of L.A.'s most stylish women (including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) gathered to toast the new fragrance at the designer's home in Los Feliz. Candles lining the front steps ensured that guests would be well acquainted with Savage Rose's heady scent before so much as stepping through the front door—acquainted and possibly addicted.