The Magical Contouring Kit That Brought Out My Non-Existent Cheekbones

When I’m looking for a bronzer or contouring product, the struggle isn’t about perfecting a totally sculpted look à la J.Lo, but more about finding something that actually looks natural on my pale skin with yellow undertones. I’ve been searching for a product that makes my face look just a tad more sculpted—not like I spent 10 minutes in front of a mirror trying to find the hollow of my cheeks.

When I came across the Anastasia Contour Kit ($40), it was love at first sight. There are three contour shades and three highlighting shades, which means the kit works with practically every skin tone. For a daily “these are my natural cheekbones” look, I use Fawn as the base colour to add shadow in the hollows of my cheeks, then add a touch of Java closer along my hairline to create more depth. The kit can be customised to how intense you want to contour, but for me, the barely-there, faux natural look is perfect. The application is so easy and fail-safe that I don’t even have to make the go-to fish face to find my cheekbones! The all-matte shades make it so that even if you accidentally over-apply, you can quickly even it out with a powder brush. And don’t just limit this product to your cheekbones—if you sweep it around your jaw area and your temples, it instantly slims your face, too.

What are your favourite products to use for contouring? Let us know in the comments below!