The ONE Skincare Product Every Korean Woman Uses

By now, we’re all familiar with the renowned and much-admired Korean 10-step skincare regimen. After extensive research, obsessing, and testing, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to serums, essences, and rubber masks (because sheet masks are so 2014), and can contort and massage our faces with the best of our poreless counterparts overseas. And yet our quest for skin worthy of a K-drama star still continues to fall short, with dryness and dullness remaining daily struggles. Cue the dramatic, heart-heavy K-drama actress sigh.

Enter ampoules, the little (literally) skincare secret every Korean woman swears by. More potent than serums and with powerful hydration abilities, ampoules can be used throughout your current skincare regimen to make a huge impact on how your skin looks and feels. Still relatively under the radar in the U.S. market, ampoules are an important part of the typical Korean skincare routine—and luckily our Korean beauty correspondent, Alicia Yoon, happens to be quite the expert on the matter. Keep scrolling to find out what ampoules are and how they can transform your skin!