The Korean Exfoliating Powder That Made Me Ditch My Liquid Cleanser

Korean women are famed for their extensive beauty routines—so it’s no wonder Korean brands like AmorePacific and Etude House are starting to pick up major traction in the U.S. Falling in between the price points of those two, Amarté is a Korean skincare brand started in 1994 that became available in the states less than a decade ago, thanks to an American dermatologist named Dr. Kraffert. Someday, I would like to meet Dr. Kraffert and personally thank him for bringing the brand’s powder-to-liquid cleanser, Daily ExfoliPowder ($35), into my life.

The concept of washing your face with a powder instead of a liquid might seem surprising at first, but more and more brands are starting to jump on the bandwagon—and for good reason. Powder cleansers are usually made with gentler ingredients, because they don’t require the same preservatives and alcohols that liquid cleansers need. Plus, their fine texture helps them work as super-gentle exfoliators for all skin types.

Lest you think a powder cleanser requires extra skill, allow me to dispel that notion. I use the Daily Exfolipowder like my liquid cleanser: I pour a small amount into my palm, add warm water, then massage it into my face. The powder dissolves into a surprisingly creamy lather. The results, however, are drastically different—my face feels ridiculously clean, smooth, and polished afterwards, not unlike it does after I use an actual exfoliator. Unlike other exfoliators, however, this formula is made with rice bran and wheat bran, so it’s gentle enough to use everyday. One last benefit—you can travel with it anywhere, unlike your not-so-TSA-friendly liquid cleanser. That in itself is reason enough to give it a try.