This Is the Anti-Ageing Diet You've Never Heard Of

The past few years have seen a surge of interest in the anti-ageing alkaline diet loved by celebs from Elle Macpherson to Victoria Beckham, largely down to the bevy of reported health, body and beauty benefits it comes with. But while weight loss and improved general health are often the main draws for alkaline diet newbies, there are a variety of skin-specific benefits to be reaped from paying attention to our bodies’ pH levels—among them, increased collagen production (hello, natural anti-ageing mechanism), reduced inflammation, better nourishment of dry skin and a strengthening of the skin’s barrier function. All of which contribute to healthier, better-protected skin that’s less susceptible to early signs of ageing. Intrigued? Here's our guide to the anti-ageing benefits of the A-list–approved alkaline diet.

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