The Instagram-Inspired Nude Nail Trick We Picked Up at Alexander Wang

Instagram fiends, listen up—it might be time to start applying your filter mentality… to your nails. Backstage at Alexander Wang this Fashion Week, we caught up nail expert Michelle Saunders, who told us that nude nails are going to be a staple next spring. “It’s probably the easiest manicure you can give yourself,” she says. For Wang’s S/S ’15 collection—which she described as being “sporty and feminine, with a little bit of sweatiness”—she said she wanted to go with something short, chic, and natural. But lest you think this is yet another ordinary nude nail, allow us to dispel that notion: Saunders used Essie’s Ridge Filling Base Coat ($9) over the nude polish of choice (a little-known shade named Au Naturel ($9), which she says might be her favourite nude in Essie’s entire collection). “The Ridge Filling Base Coat acts like a filter,” Saunders says. “You know how we take a picture and pick a customised filter to make us look better? This is just like that—it has a little bit of yellow to it to neutralise any colour you put it on top of. So that’s what we did to customise these nails at Alexander Wang.” She painted two coats of Essie’s Au Naturel, one coat of Essie’s Ridge-Filling Base Coat (which she describes as a “milky, fleshy nude”), and one coat of the brand’s Good to Go! Fastest Drying Top Coat ($10) for a high shine finish. Filter ready—our nails are ready for their close-up.

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