Alexa Chung Has Officially Killed the Bob, So Now I'm Growing My Hair


Getty / Dominique Charriau

For as long as I can remember, I've taken a screen grab of Alexa Chung's tousled bob to the hairdressers. That's right—I too desire a brown (with a hint of caramel blonde), wavy super-short bob complete with a centre parting and grown-out fringe.

Obviously, we have completely different hair types and look nothing alike, so chances of me resembling Alexa Chung are slim to none. However, I believe that her hair epitomises that effortless cool-girl look so many of us crave. It's safe to say that Chung has mastered the ultimate bob—until now. Yes, Alexa Chung has grown her hair long for the first time in a long time, and now all I can think about is doing the same. After all, wherever Chung's hair goes, I follow.

She's been growing it for a while, but recently, we've been noticing her length more and more. That said, it's time for us to upgrade our teeny tiny ponytails for long, free-flowing ones; to pull our neatly tucked bob out from behind our ears and let it fall down past our shoulders.

If you're unconvinced, keep scrolling for more proof that her newly long hair is the way to go. Then, see more Chung hair looks we love.