This Serum Is Instant Gratification in a Bottle

I am no stranger to the waiting game when it comes to skincare. “You have to wait six to eight weeks to see results” and the dreaded “it might get worse before it gets better” are all things I’ve heard many times. And it’s generally true; patience is a virtue after all. 

While I have been rewarded with some pretty amazing results because of my patience, I’m definitely not one to turn down instant gratification. That’s exactly what I fell in love with Ahava’s Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate ($60). This moisturizing serum leaves your skin feeling soft and well-moisturized—instantly. Plus, it rehydrates, illuminates, and recharges your skin so it’s able to fully absorb nutrients from your other skincare products. In light of this fact, I always apply this serum first, followed by a myriad of other products, finally locking them all in with my moisturizer of choice. If these instant benefits aren’t enough for you, this serum has long-term results, too: Over time, the Dead Sea minerals that Ahava has exclusively harnessed will help your skin naturally retain more moisture, the more you use it.

After applying this magical serum, my skin feels amazing and looks like I just used a luminizing primer. If these are the results after one use, I can’t wait to see what happens in six to eight weeks.

What’s your go-to skin serum?