Now Trending: 7 Charcoal Products That Will Detoxify Your Skin

January is the month of the detox… sigh. It doesn’t, however, have to be all green juices, lemon water, doom and gloom. Why not take an outside-in approach and apply the detox idea to your skincare? No calorie restriction required. If your skin is looking a little worse for wear after the festivities, switch up your usual products for ones containing charcoal to help clear your complexion of any lingering toxins. “Charcoal is a powerful detoxifier," says Nichola Joss, Sanctuary Spa skincare expert. "The activated charcoal in skincare is incredibly porous and binds to impurities, dirt and chemicals on and in the skin to draw them out”.

Keep scrolling for seven products rich in the sooty stuff—your skin will thank you for it.


“I look dirty so you can look clean,” proclaims the bottle. The charcoal gives this cleanser a sludgy grey appearance, but don’t let that put you off. This combined with a Foreo Luna Mini (£99) has cleared our editorial director’s acne.


The grown-up version of those pore cleansing strips, this jet black mask dries on the skin so you can peel it off, taking with it any debris blocking your pores. It’s super satisfying. The charcoal helps the mask bind to dead skin and blackheads while witch hazel and echinacea prevent impurities from coming back.

The Konjac Sponge Company Konjac Puff Sponge With Bamboo Charcoal

For anyone with oily skin or a spot-prone complexion, start using this sponge. Use it in the morning—sans cleanser—adopting a circular motion; the sponge will gently exfoliate while the charcoal helps absorb that excess oil.


Charcoal powder has been woven into the fibres of this towel. Clean with it in the shower to absorb odours and toxins from the tap water and excess oil (ideal if you suffer from back acne—"bacne").

Sister & Co. Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish

Since charcoal has been used for centuries to treat people who have accidentally ingested poison—thanks to its ability to draw out toxins—it makes sense to pack it into a teeth-cleaning product like this. Use this as you would a normal toothpaste (because no one has time for 20-minute oil pulling sessions).


A winter savior, this face mask magically warms up when it comes in contact with the skin to help the detoxifying kaolin clay and charcoal get to work. But at this time of year, we’re just happy for the warmth on our faces—amirite?


Supercharge your bath with this Black Soak, it combines magnesium-rich Epsom salts to help de-bloat and charcoal to detoxify. Coconut, camellia and sweet almond oil leave skin baby soft.


Do you already use charcoal in your beauty routine? Let us know the products you love in the comment box below.