The Surprising Reason Acne Sufferers Don't Have to Worry About Ageing

While acne sufferers undeniably have a tough time, there is some incredible news today that might make dealing with the skin condition a little more bearable. A new study has revealed that those who have acne could live longer and age much more slowly, thanks to some important parts of their DNA. 

While it's already been noted that those who suffer from the condition often experience the signs of visual ageing much later than their peers, it looks like scientists have now discovered why. 

On each strand of DNA there are protective caps called telomeres (a little like the plastic end on a shoelace) that protect the chromosomes that house our DNA. Scientists have discovered that these appear longer for those who suffer from acne. The reason this is so important is that the deterioration of telomeres is linked to ageing. So those with longer telomeres age slower. 

The study, which was published in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, focused on 1205 female twins. A quarter of those being studied reported having had acne. After analysing skin samples from the twins, they discovered that a gene pathway called p53, which regulates cell death (or "apoptosis") was less active in the skin of acne sufferers. When telomeres become too short, it leads to apoptosis.

Lead researcher Dr. Simone Ribero from King's College London said the findings are all to do with the length of the telomeres, which are much longer in acne sufferers, meaning "their cells may be protected against ageing."

While she said there needs to be further investigation, this is surely incredible news for those who currently suffer. 

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