The #1 Beauty Editor–Approved Way to Get Rid of Spots

When it comes to spots, I've tried everything—dousing the offending inflammations in all manner of things from toothpaste and perfume to Sudocrem and tea tree oil. As a beauty editor, I do all I can to prevent breakouts in the first place, using a salicylic face wash, toners bursting with skin-sloughing AHAs and slathering on cell renewal–boosting retinol at night, but that doesn't make me immune to spots.

So what do beauty editors turn to in their hour of need? Acne patches. The idea for these small clear circular stickers originated from Korea. Impregnated with all manner of spot-fighting ingredients, they can be applied to clean skin at night to calm and clear spots while you sleep or even over makeup in a pinch. I've tried quite a few, and they all do a good job to take down inflammation and redness. Our pals over at Rank & Style have rated the best acne patches, and below are the five best (that are available in the UK).

Keep scrolling for the best acne patches you need in case of emergency.