10 Ab Exercises That Don't Feel Like Hard Work

We've all seen them, those odd little online adverts that promise to reveal the secret of burning belly fat to you in return for a click. But the truth behind how to tone your tummy is sadly not quite that easy. 

While there's no miracle fix (yet) to achieving a flat stomach and taut abs, there are plenty of ab exercises that you can incorporate into your regular routine in order to start building that six-pack. And while some might seem a bit too advanced or choreographed, there are still plenty of gentle but effective moves if you're a total beginner. 

Strengthening your core isn't just about looking great in a crop top—it can have a brilliant effect on the rest of your body, helping to stabilise your every move and improve your balance. But as with most exercise, it's best to gradually build up to your end goal—so don't lose faith if you can't see a difference immediately. And remember, you can't target specific spots for weight loss, but regular cardio and a healthy diet will help you lose any excess weight, better revealing the toned muscles you worked so hard to build. 

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Opening Image: @NatalieUhling/Zara