We Tried 4 '80s Makeup Looks, and We're Really Into Them

While '80s makeup looks have been making a comeback for years, we deem this summer as the official start of our own '80s revival. Think fuchsia lips, blue lids, and tonnes and tonnes of blush. Only this year's '80s looks aren't exactly identical to those you may find in an old yearbook. They have been updated with blendable formulas, velvety textures and, of course, so much gloss, vinyl and shimmer.

Now, rather than view these looks as gaudy or nostalgic, we're thinking of them as of-the-moment and creative. Such trends are allowing us to leave no-makeup makeup behind for bolder, more exciting products and shades. Below, find each editor's interpretation of their favourite '80s look and the products they used to re-create them.

FYI: weekend makeup looks this Byrdie editor has on rotation right now.