Chic '70s Hairstyles You'd Be Mad Not to Try Now

We blame Gucci for the resurgence of the '70s hairstyle. Ever since Alessandro Michele took the design helm of the Italian fashion house, we've seen more and more '70s-style hair flicks, curls and long hippie-style tresses on the catwalk. Not that we have a problem with this. Oh no. In fact, it's the opposite. We welcome this fun, flamboyant decade back into our lives, for it was truly one of the coolest eras for hairstyles. 




Hairstyles at Gucci's spring/summer catwalk

From Farrah Fawcett's big Charlie's Angels flicks to Diana Ross's disco-inspired afro, there are so many cool hairstyles to take inspiration from. Not only that, but they're also super relevant today. We reckon they could be worn exactly the same as they were then and they would look just as awesome. Yes, we have a thing for the '70s; is it that obvious? To prove our point about how amazing this decade was for hair, we've selected seven of our favourite looks. Click through our gallery for unashamed '70s hairstyle inspiration.