How to Always Look Pulled Together in 5 Minutes, by A Style Album

When it comes to mornings we're both usually rushing out the door, so over the years we have honed a five-minute makeup routine we can rely on. Both of us are into the natural look when it comes to our makeup and like our skin to look and feel fresh. Neither of us has much patience when it comes to applying our morning makeup, so our daily routine has to be minimal and fast, using products that are easy to apply with good coverage and staying power.

Over the years, working on shoots with some of the best makeup artists in the business, we’ve picked up a few tips on what products we should be using. When a product works for us, we stay loyal to it; all the products we mention below are the ones we use daily, have used and loved or come highly recommended and are on our list to try. Keep scrolling for our simple yet effective five-minute makeup routine.

Lou and Em’s 5-Minute Makeup Routine


Important if you want your makeup to stay in place throughout the day. We quickly apply a thin veil of primer before our foundation.


For those dark circles and pesky spots that we’re still prone to!


Tinted Moisturiser or Foundation

When looking for our perfect base, we avoid anything too heavy, but we ensure our sheer coverage has staying power—that is key.

Eyelash Curlers and Mascara

While we like our base to be low-key, we like our lashes to look long and full. It’s taken a while to find the mascaras we swear by that don’t clump or flake.

Bronzer and Blusher

A little bit of blusher and bronzer to make us look alive! Very important.


A quick swipe of a natural lip gloss to finish off our look, and we’re out the door in five minutes or less.