2013: The Year of Celebrity Nail Polish

Fragrance used to be the go-to product for a celebrity looking to expand their empire. The $30 billion industry—seriously—kicked off in 1981 when Sophia Loren launched her eponymous scent with Coty (still Hollywood’s go-to manufacturer). Now everyone from Bruce Willis to Lady Gaga etches their name into glass bottles, meaning there’s room for creativity in the world of celebrity beauty endorsements.

Given the recent boom in nail polish—60% growth in 2011, another 32% last year—it’s not surprising that celebrities are getting in on the craze. Everyone from Justin Bieber to Kellogg’s Special K Cereal has launched a nail polish line with OPI (which is apparently to nail polish what Coty is to fragrance) in the past two years. But there’s something about today’s announcement—that Gwen Stefani’s whipped up seven new shades and finishes—that lends a new kind of legitimacy to the idea of a celebrity nail polish collection.

Stefani’s famously hands on with her collaborations and it sounds like this one will be just as personal. Taking inspiration from last year’s Met Exhibit, Punk: Chaos to Couture, and her own signature look, Stefani’s whipped up shades like Over & Over A-Gwen (a red that reflects her classic lip) and Push and Shove, an almost mirror-like, chrome hue. The collection launches in January of 2014 and will retail for $6 per bottle. How many other stars do you think will announce their own nail polish collection between now and then?