This 10-Minute Workout Is All You Need to Get in Shape, According to Scientists



Of all the excuses we come up with to skip the gym, timing is likely the most popular—and in many cases, it might also be the most legitimate. When you're slammed at work and have other responsibilities at home, finding a whole hour (and change, if you're accounting for travel time) to spend at the gym each day can be tough.

This is why the rise of high-intensity interval training (colloquially known as HIIT) has been so welcome. The idea that we only need roughly 10 minutes of efficient exercise to not just fulfil our daily fitness requirements but actually continue burning fat and calories long after we've finished is an undeniably exciting development for any time-strapped individual. But new research shows there's an even simpler approach to the 10-minute workout than we initially thought. Better yet, it doesn't even require any fitness level, or special equipment, for that matter—just you and a flight of stairs.