7 Easy Ways to Transform Your Body, According to Zanna Van Dijk

Amy Lawrenson

Instagram: @zannavandijk/@garymorrisro

When we’re sat on the sofa in our sweatpants, re-runs of Friends on the TV and we’re mindlessly scrolling through our Instagram feed, the idea of getting fitter can feel a little (okay, a lot) overwhelming.

Instagram is a great resource of inspiring, brilliant women such as fitness influencer Zanna Van Dijk to follow, but when you haven’t stepped foot in a gym for weeks and your kitchen cupboards are lacking anything green, it can feel daunting, the idea of overhauling your life to emulate your favourite Instagrammer. That’s why we called on Van Dijk to reveal the seven hacks she relies on to stay healthy and keep motivated. Start with one or two and build your way up. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are lean abs or a rounded bum, but small tweaks can over time lead to great results. Keep scrolling for Van Dijk’s seven wellness habits…

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