6 Reasons You're Tired All the Time (That Have Nothing to Do With Sleep)

Victoria Hoff


The only thing more frustrating than feeling exhausted all the time is feeling exhausted all the time… and not knowing why. On paper, you're doing everything right when it comes to your sleep habits: You get your full eight hours most nights, you keep your room dark and cool, you fall asleep to a good book rather than Netflix or Instagram and you spray your bed liberally with a pillow mist every single evening. And yet, the fatigue never subsides.

In truth, while sleep may be the primary factor in your daily energy levels, it isn't the only one. Seemingly random things like your diet, your hormone levels, and physical fitness all have a hand as well—and if one of these outliers is out of balance in any way, it could manifest in daily tiredness. We'll get more into it in a moment, it's worth mentioning right away: Reaching for a cup of coffee might seem like the obvious quick fix, but ultimately it could be making matters worse.

So what are these factors affecting your energy levels, and how can you strategise around them? We spell it out below so you can finally stop yawning.

Tell us—what's your favourite way to stay energised throughout the day?

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