7 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Every Texture and Length

Elinor Block

Whatever you chose for a wedding hairstyle, it has to be completely you. This is exactly why many want to do their own hair for the big day. Sometimes, despite many attempts and trials of various wedding hairstyles, your chosen hairdresser still can't work out how to get it right. Or perhaps it's that you know you like doing your hair yourself. Maybe, even, it's that on one of the biggest events of your life, you'd rather not have yet another thing to worry about—at least if you do it yourself, then it's less likely to go wrong.

Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of solutions to creating incredible and stunning hairstyles for your wedding day. Just because you're wearing a big fancy dress doesn't mean you have to have big fancy hair. Quite the opposite, in fact, there are many hairstyles that require little input—all it takes is a bit of practice before the actual wedding (we insist on that part). We've selected seven cool but chic bridal looks, which you can totally do at home. Relaxed brides-to-be, this is everything you've been looking for. Click through our gallery for seven wedding hairstyles you can do yourself.

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