Turns Out You Can Lose Twice as Many Calories on a Veggie Diet

Elinor Block

Isabelle Thorsden

When yet another new diet comes out with the promise of helping us lose weight, we tend to feel a bit, well, tired of it all. There are so many new ways to get a flat stomach/drop pounds/look slimmer it can get a bit exhausting. Which is why when we heard that one super-easy old-school diet was making a comeback to help you lose weight we were more than a little happy. That's right: Being vegetarian has actually been proven to be the diet to help you lose weight more than others. According to one recent study, it can help you lose twice as many calories.

For those who still turn their noses up at the vegetarian diet (no, you can't eat wafer-thin ham), being veggie is totally different these days and there are some amazing recipes, not to mention restaurants that cater for this diet. Want to know how it can help you lose weight, plus the best recipes to follow? Keep scrolling for a super-quick guide on the vegetarian diet.

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