7 Updo Hairstyles That Don't Require the Skill of a Hairdresser to Re-Create

Elinor Block

Updos aren't the easiest (or quickest) of party looks to get right, right? Well, today we're here to dispel that common misconception; we've found seven incredible—and incredibly easy—updo hairstyles you can re-create in under five minutes. Yes, that's right; when you're at your desk with fewer than 10 minutes to get ready for your office party, there is a way to look amazing. Or if you're at home and you spent a little too long in the bath or watching whichever Netflix series you love right now, you can rely on these styles to get you out the door fast. From messy buns to chic ponytails, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Keep scrolling for our guide to five of the best party hairstyles you can do in under five minutes.

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