This Somalian Spice Might Be the Secret to Looking 25 Forever

Amanda Montell

Eman Idil Bare

How much do you know about Somali beauty traditions? Odds are the answer is "not much." The truth of the matter is that Muslim women have been historically left out of the global beauty conversation. American consumers are obsessed with beauty advice from France, Sweden, Korea, and Brazil, but women from Muslim-majority countries are rarely given the chance to participate in the dialogue and represent their inspiring beauty secrets.

To remedy this problem, we've partnered with our friends at to help amplify Muslim women's voices, we're handing Byrdie's mic over to three Somali women who we met through and who've shared their skincare traditions. And they are fascinating.

"My mum and women relatives in Somalia don't look their age at all," Asha Mohamood Noor told us. "And I think it's from using these natural products." And with that, we'll step aside and let Noor, Safy Hallan Farah, and Maryam Said share their incredible skincare tips.

My mum and women relatives in Somalia don't look their age at all.

Asha Mohamood Noor
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